How to Obtain a Summer Parking Pass for Westport’s Compo Beach

With the summer months quickly approaching, you might be wondering how to access Westport’s gorgeous Compo Beach to spend some time in the sun, BBQ with friends, or go for an evening walk along the beach. From May 1st to September 30th each year, you must display an emblem on your car’s windshield which functions as a pass to park at Compo. For full information regarding fees and to purchase the parking emblems online, please click here. Generally, fees for the emblems are based on your car’s Tax Town, the town in which your car is registered, which can be found on your vehicle’s registration. The emblem is $40 for Westport residents whose Tax Town is Westport, and $225 for Westport residents whose car is not on Westport tax rolls. For Weston residents whose Tax Town is Weston, the season pass is $250. The Town of Westport also issues 500 Non-Resident passes each year ($490), available online for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis beginning early March.  Senior citizens are subject to lower fees, and day passes ($30 on weekdays, $50 on weekends and holidays) are also available upon arrival to the beach. No hassle, no lines – just get ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in Connecticut!